µManager (Micro-Manager) is an open source software package for microscope image acquisition and device control.

Open Imaging is a new company set up by the µManager development team to further develop µManager and provide µManager-related services.

Beginning in 2005, µManager has been developed in Ron Vale's lab at the University of California, San Francisco. As NIH funding for µManager ends in fall of 2015, the µManager development team has moved to Open Imaging, where we will continue this valuable project for the microscopy community.

Open Imaging is committed to keeping µManager free and open source. However, the development and distribution of the software will be supported by paid services that we provide. Please make sure to check out our subscription-based µManager User Service Program. We hope that you will sign up. Your subscription will not only provide you with continued technical support and access to the latest versions of µManager, but it will also ensure the future of µManager as a valuable tool for microscopy.

https://open-imaging.com https://www.micro-manager.org